How to use Design in Your Marketing Strategy

In such an aesthetic-centric society, it is becoming more and more important to tie together your design with your marketing.  The forerunner of this effort was probably Steve Jobs, whose vigor for these two principals drove Apple to be the globally dominant technology monster that it is today.  While this may have been no easy feat, the principles remain simple.  When pixel perfect design meets unwavering marketing efforts the big fish begin to leap from the small pond. The following points are all very attractive reasons why you should kick start the design side of your marketing campaign.

Design is the first thing your leads see 

Whether it be your website, a Facebook ad campaign, a brochure left in a doctors office, or anything in between, your design will be the first thing to catch the eye of a potential lead.  Good design has become somewhat of a given in the eyes of today’s consumer, so there is little to no room for boring, run-of-the-mill, or unappealing design.  But what can this do for my business?

  • An eye-catching ad can be the difference in a click, and a click is arguably the most valuable consumer action.  However, make sure your site or campaign can back up your well-targeted, eye-catching ad or your bounce rate will suffer.
  • Get more social likes & follows.  It’s proven that design is a key indicator in whether or not a user will like or follow your social pages.  Grow your social media presence and user loyalty with a well-structured, well-designed campaign.

Reinforce your messages and communicate your brand

Words can only do so much when it comes to daily web users.  They are constantly being riddled with information and ads—all aiming to garner the reader’s attention.  Imagine the following: you’ve been running a well-designed marketing campaign, and it’s working. Why? And now that you’ve captured the attention of an audience, how can you really drive home the ideas you’re trying to get across? Reinforce your messages and communicate your brand through design!

  • Your design scheme should really compliment the idea or action that you are trying to achieve. Consider a page that has a goal to get its users to donate to help the hungry in third world countries. A careful selection of emotion-invoking buzzwords and images can be the reason someone decides to donate or not.
  • The most important facet of utilizing design in marketing is communicating your brand. At the end of the day, a brand is how your users will associate your offerings, products and values under one cohesive umbrella term. It’s your job to carefully craft the images, words, and ideas that will help them build this identification of your brand.

In conclusion, design has undoubtedly become one of the most important pieces in the marketing puzzle.  Thoughtful, purposeful design can help get you clicks, grow your social media presence, reinforce your messages and better communicate your brand. Digital marketing is an ever-changing environment due to advancements made by marketers and designers alike. There’s always something to learn and there’s always room to grow.

Chase Ohlson is a Freelance Web Designer, Developer and owner of Buy the Best Drone from San Diego, CA. 

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