Dream Less, Do More: 2019 Marketing Predictions

By: Sarah Steimer

We’re closing the book on a decade ​marked by digital marketing trends, influencers and AI. This final year of the 2010s means less dreaming and more implementing.



The largest percent change (8% increase) in marketing knowledge investments in the prior 12 months was in developing new marketing knowledge and capabilities.


Not sharing the knowledge across teams

26% of creative professionals say that a lack of cross-departmental collaboration is the biggest barrier to executing digital initiatives.

“In conversations with most of our clients, training has been discussed at length. From distributor training to internal staff training, utilizing interesting, interactive [learning management systems] to bring organizations and brands together has been a focus. Each organization has their own issues, but leveraging technology to train about products, culture and mission is a trend that will continue and grow in 2019.”

—Jim Heitzman, president of advertising agency Celtic Chicago


Deeper customer insights

31% of consumers say that they would find great value in services that intuitively learn about their needs over time to customize product, service or content recommendations.


Failing to speak with customers directly

Only 42% of B2B content marketers say they have conversations with customers as part of their audience research. As explained in Liam Fahey’s The Insight Discipline, insight often comes from small data—which means interacting directly with consumers.


Working across departments 

Professionals give their company’s cross-department collaboration efforts a 3.5 out of 5 rating, leaving plenty of room for improvement.

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