How a local Cleveland company grew its retail presence

Madden Brothers owns and operates 6 compost facilities in Northern Ohio. Our main customers include Scotts MiracleGro and Costco. Producing “Ohio’s Best Darn Compost” is no small feat… nor was going after retail customers with direct bulk deliveries.

Our initial focus was on digital marketing.  We started with a very robust Google Pay Per Click program.  This helped to drive traffic to a few different landing pages where visitors could opt-in for a free Gift Certificate.  Once in our funnel, we developed a 6-month email follow-up sequence offering valuable information regarding the product they visited initially. We also used their opted-in email addresses for social media marketing and were successful in building look-alike audiences that converted well.
About 25% of the visitors who came to the landing pages actually called into the office.  When visitors called in, we integrated the phone system with a CRM to track the lead source and capture as much information as possible about the caller.
Weekly, we would run all off the call-id’s that called in through a reverse number lookup service.  With this, we were able to capture about 65% of the caller’s home addresses.  This allowed us to begin a direct mail campaign using content similar to that found in the email follow-up sequence.
Over the course of 6 months, we were able to drastically increase Madden Brothers retail presence and build a database of well-qualified buyers that we’ll benefit from for years to come.
Author: Brian Madden

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