Marketing Coordinator


The primary objective of the Marketing Coordinator is to work with our team and clients to execute campaigns and strategic deliverables on time and at an exceptional level. Secondary objectives include, but will not be limited to, managing and executing deliverables for client campaigns, overseeing client campaign budgets, managing client relationships, client reporting and striving for client satisfaction and retention.


Marketing Coordinators have multifaceted responsibilities as a specialist, coordinator and manager/leader. Below is a list of those roles:

  • Will work with the Marketing Coordinator Manager (MCM) and coordinate with our team to directly complete tasks and strategic deliverables for all client campaigns. Deliverables may include but will not be limited to advertising creative, website buildout and updates, social content management, email marketing, research and consulting.*
  • Knowledge required will include a working knowledge of the WordPress CMS, basic html/css, knowledge of various graphics and layout tools, knowledge of email marketing platforms, as well as a general “can do” spirit to effectively tackle and complete any task or deliverable required by your team.
  • Will work with your manager and team to develop, maintain and improve processes that pertain to your specialty.
  • Will work directly with your team to execute “standardized” campaigns for clients that will be developed in collaboration with The Director of Strategy.
  • Will work directly with clients as their campaign “coordinator.” You will be responsible for executing deliverables for “standardized” campaigns, as well as managing monthly reporting and client support requests as needed.
  • Will collaborate with a team of specialists, as needed, to execute campaigns and return results for our clients. This will include your MCM, The Director of Strategy, Social Media Manager, Designers, Copywriters, Marketing Specialists and Developers. You will rely on their unique expertise and talents to help you meet the client’s goals.
  • Will provide monthly client or team reporting and analysis as needed.
  • Will seek to “touch” our clients on a regular basis and ensure that they feel like they’re receiving great value and results from our services.
  • Will work with the Director of Strategy** and salespeople to recommend “upsell” opportunities when it’s appropriate.
  • Will actively collaborate with the MCM to ensure that your tasks, projects and campaigns are completed on time and in the highest quality manner possible. (The MCM will help you to monitor, manage, balance and share your workload as needed.) ***
  • Will work with the entire team to establish and actively monitor client budgets so that we’re balancing client value and maximizing profitability for Sanctuary.
  • Will demonstrate consistently strong organizational skills.
  • Will be detail oriented, passionate about your specialty, maintain a collaborative and open communication style and have excellent writing and personal communication skills.
  • Will work in accordance with our values and protect “The Sanctuary Way” of doing business.

Ongoing Education:

  • Will continually seek to educate yourself and our team about news, tactics, industry changes and generally seek to “be curious” and embrace our value of “continuous improvement” so we can effectively compete in the ever-changing world of digital marketing.
  • Will be expected to provide thought leadership on best practices and improvements to your department.


* The Marketing Coordinator Manager will be your direct Manager and you will be responsible for collaborating with them and your team to meet the required goals and objectives of your department. The MCM will also work with, and collaborate with, you directly regarding many aspects of your role at Sanctuary, as well as providing quarterly evaluations and discussions regarding your compensation. The MCM is here to help and consult with you as needed. Use them as an internal resource that you can always go to when you need advice or feedback relating to your work.

** You may also collaborate with the Director(s) of Strategy. The Director of Strategy is ultimately the “Creative Director” and “The Voice of the Client” and you will work to meet their overall vision for client strategies and campaigns. You may also utilize them as an internal resource that you can always go to when you need advice or feedback relating to your work.

*** You will work with the MCM and the Director of Production (DP) to manage campaigns, balance workload within your department or between departments as needed to ensure that work is completed on time in the highest quality manner. The DP should be seen as your team’s partner, a person who shares the burden of managing, prioritizing, sourcing, balancing and ultimately completing all work on time. You are empowered to lean on them ongoing for help, guidance, advice or to just “handle” a complex situation related to your workload or deadlines. Their primary responsibility is to make sure that our total company workload is managed, shared and completed on time. Never be afraid to rely on them or ask for help.


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