Social Media Coordinator


Entry-Level, 1-2 Years Experience

Quickfire is currently seeking a full-time Social Media Coordinator. This role will be responsible for the execution of social media tactics to produce positive social media metrics including increased traffic and customer engagement for Quickfire clientele within the outdoor marketplace.

Responsibilities include building and maintaining a strong online presence and execution of daily/weekly/monthly marketing strategies to support online performance. This position will focus on driving continuous improvement, account moderation and monitoring of accounts, as well as using, curating and developing original content.

Candidates must have a minimum of 1 year of relevant experience in managing social media for a company or brand. A working knowledge of hunting, firearms, fishing and the outdoors is a plus. Candidates should possess excellent communication skills, passion for the outdoors, strong organizational and interpersonal skills, flexibility and creativity. Must be highly motivated, assertive, and have the ability to work independently. Position is based in northeast Ohio.

Quickfire is a full-service digital media content agency specially tailored for the needs of the outdoor market. For more information about Quickfire please visit

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