Tool specific (1 or more)
    • Eventbrite, Mailchimp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Wordpress, Trello / Drive
    Copywriter / Blogger

    Graphic Designer

    Advertising Manager
    • Google Ads
    Director of Analytics
    • Member data, Survey, Communications data, Programming data
    Director of Hospitality
    • Check in / Set-up person, Nametags, Surveys, Storage, Greeters
    Director of Sponsorship / Partnership
    • Sponsor recruitment (cash), Sponsor recruitment (in-kind), Sponsor retention / fulfillment (account management)
    Director of Programming
    • Venues, AV / Technology, AVP of Programming, Speakers, On-site event coordinator, Happy hour / networking event coordinator, Special Interest Groups / meet-up
    Director of Talent Management
    • Volunteer recruitment, Volunteer retention / management / onboarding
    Director of Membership
    • Member retention, Member recruitment, Member onboarding, Member only events

  • Please explain your professional experience, including dates of employment, employing organization, titles held and an outline of your roles and responsibilities. Note: If paid work experience is not relevant, then please tell us about any volunteer.
  • Please provide information (maximum of 350 words) regarding any previous involvement with voluntary, community and social enterprise organizations.

    Please provide information, giving clear examples, of how you believe your knowledge and experience would contribute to meeting each of the following requirements relevant to the role of a Board Member with the Northeast Ohio Chapter of the American Marketing Association.
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  • Completed Application Forms must be received by April 20, 2020.