We Want You!

Each of the American Marketing Association’s 70+ local chapters operates independently, and volunteers manage all aspects of chapter operations including membership development, succession planning, finance, programming, sponsorship, and professional development.

Volunteers are involved in single projects—like planning a monthly program for the chapter—as well as long-term planning activities as chapter officers. While attending events is a great starting point, volunteering for your chapter is the best way to meet and befriend others in the local marketing community.

We’d love for you to join our team and there are lots of ways you can help!

Our Chapter is comprised of multiple volunteer committees:

  • Communications Committee keeps people in-the-know of all that is AMA NEO via digital and social media.
  • Hospitality gets things warmed up during networking mixers and events
  • Programming plans all of the killer chapter events
  • Membership teammates build value and the liaison between the community, our chapter, and the AMA Support Center.
  • Culture and Community works to expand the chapter network and build a community of passionate marketers
  • Partnerships and sponsorship are essential to the success of our chapter, so we’re always looking for sales professionals to help.

Want more information? EMAIL US and let’s talk!

If you’re ready to join our team of volunteers, simply fill out the ONLINE APPLICATION below!

Benefits of Volunteering:

  • Obtaining new skills and furthering career development
  • Participating with other leading marketing professionals on chapter initiatives
  • Meeting and interacting with other marketing professionals
  • Developing and enhancing leadership skills
  • Making important contacts and lasting friendships
  • Learning what goes on “behind the scenes” at an event
  • Being a part of the decision-making processes that advance the chapter through committees
  • Opportunity to network in a leadership role
  • Opportunity to further your involvement by potentially serving in a Board position
  • And, involvement in the AMA looks great on a resume!

Plus, Northeast Ohio AMA volunteers are recognized for their contributions and support of our chapter. Volunteers receive:

  • A special volunteer name tag
  • Listing in the Northeast Ohio AMA e-newsletter, with your company name, as a volunteer
  • Special recognition at the annual Volunteer Appreciation Social

Volunteer Guidelines:

  • Short-term and long-term commitments available
  • Abide by the bylaws of the Chapter
  • At all times act in a professional manner while representing the Chapter
  • Attend any training sessions required for your volunteer position
  • Collaborate with committee and board members, accepting evaluation of your volunteer work
  • Communicate with Chapter leadership. Your ideas, comments, and feedback are welcome!
  • Attend Chapter events, when possible. Volunteers are responsible for registration fees