The VP of Volunteers is responsible for recruiting new volunteers, retaining existing volunteers, and recognizing
all volunteers for their commitment to the chapter.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Develops and is accountable for the Volunteer Committee plan, budget and metrics reporting.
  • Organizes and facilities volunteer recruitment activities.
  • Updates and maintains current roster of AMA volunteers including active/inactive status and hours of
  • Responds to all incoming volunteer interest forms.
  • Interviews candidates and matches them with the appropriate committee for their skillset and interests.
  • Provides clear expectations of volunteer commitments for all incoming candidates.
  • Guides volunteers through onboarding process.
  • Communicates quarterly with volunteers to determine if the role(s) they have been assigned to have met
    their expectations and is the right fit moving forward.
  • Identifies and develops programs to involve, engage, and manage the volunteer pool.
  • Assists other VPs in recognition programs for all volunteers.
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