September Salutations: A President’s Letter

September marks an exciting time of transition. Kids are back in school. Football games are back on TV. Oktoberfest beers are back on shelves. And, Cleveland AMA programs are back on the calendar.  

Even if these first three items mean little to you, take heart in the last bit: It’s going to be an exciting year for professional development in Cleveland. Why? There are a few reasons: 

  • Programming: We’re starting the programming year off with a bang as Andy Crestodina—nationally renowned digital marketing expert and author of Content Chemistry—visits Cleveland to explain how digital marketing best practices, social psychology principles and a basic understanding of behavioral economics can boost the visibility and impact of your digital presence to new heights. You can still register for the event on September 23! After that, expect an exciting year full of education from the hottest speakers at the hottest companies at lunches, dinners and Special Interest Groups. Spoiler Alert: Andy won’t be the only national speaker coming into town, so stay tuned!

  • Culture and Community: It’s time we put the days of professional association memberships serving as resume boosters and event discounts behind us. This year, the Cleveland AMA is focused on creating an interconnected tribe of marketers the likes of which Northeast Ohio has never seen. We all struggle with similar challenges, and we’re members of the most prominent marketer’s club in the region. It’s time we came together as friends, colleagues—a marketing family, even—and get to know and support each other. Building culture and community is the Cleveland AMA Board’s preeminent goal this year, and we can’t wait to make the experience of our members and guests better than ever. 

  • Connections: Having a strong marketing community means having strong connections that pay dividends. Interested in building new skills, advancing the cause of the marketing community or making new friends? Great! The best way to do it is to volunteer with the AMA, and we have positions open now. Want to help shape the experience of the next wave of talented marketers entering the workforce? We’re building bridges with local collegiate AMA chapters, and we’ll be looking for speakers and mentors to guide students’ journeys—stay tuned! Looking to use your marketing skills for good? We’re forming partnerships with local charities to help experienced professionals meet nonprofits’ needs. 

Whether you’re looking to learn the latest best practices, meet smart people, or just have a little fun, get pumped that September is here… and the Cleveland AMA’s 2015-2016 year is officially underway. We can’t wait to share our vision with you, and we would love to know what you think. Have thoughts? Let us know! You can find contact information for all the Board members here, and you can reach me personally at Otherwise, we’ll see you out there in the #CLE! 


Lukas Treu
President, Cleveland AMA  

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