Member of the Month: Abby Monnot

Name: Abby Monnot
Title / Role: Marketing Manager, Graphics
Company: Avery Dennison

Why did you join the AMA?
I joined the AMA to help inspire me with new thoughts and ideas that we can utilize in our marketing group.  Having exposure to new ideas and concepts through the AMA really helps broaden my perspective in my daily marketing activities.

How do you engage with the AMA to get the most from your membership? Or favorite aspect of being a member of the AMA?
I engage with the AMA through their lunch and learns and through their local speaking events here in Cleveland.  I signed my team up for the AMA and we’re hoping to go to an event together if we can all break free at the same time!

Are there any special work projects or initiatives you are working on or recently completed that you’d like to share with the AMA membership?  We are focused on
customer-centric activities and learning more about our customer base, which will lead us to better-targeted marketing efforts.  With Avery Dennison being in the B2B space, we’re trying to communicate more directly with our converters through social media, email and direct mail, while still fostering growth within our channel.

 List three interesting facts about you:

1. Growing up, my name was mistaken as Andy Gibb from the Bee Gees (Gibbs was my maiden name)

2. I am also a licensed Real Estate Agent through Cutler Real Estate

3. I was just in Hawaii last month

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