Member of the Month: Matt Holtwick

Name: Matt Holtwick
Title / Role: Social Marketing & Digital Content Manager
Company: Enerco Group Inc

Why did you join the AMA?
I had a student membership for the AMA when I attended Bowling Green State University and my membership expired after graduation.  After getting more involved in marketing at Enerco Group Inc., I knew the AMA would be a perfect place to learn even more about the trends and best practices of the ever-evolving world of marketing.

How do you engage with the AMA to get the most from your membership?
I like to attend as many of the different events that the AMA offers as possible.  The networking events like the Mix@6 are perfect for meeting other professionals in the industry, the speaking events are great to learn new trends and bring a lot of great information back to Enerco, and the SIG’s (Special Interest Group) are a good way to have discussions about industry topics.  Finally, I utilize the webinars that the AMA puts on a fairly regular basis.

What is your favorite aspect of being a member of the AMA?
It would be difficult to name just one aspect. The family feel and atmosphere of the Northeast Ohio chapter is a wonderful aspect.  But the ability to learn and grow my skills in the industry is something that I find the most valuable.

Are there any special work projects or initiatives you are working on or recently completed that you’d like to share with the AMA membership?
In the digital world, Enerco is ever evolving and moving forward.  Since we began focusing more on social, digital, and content marketing in 2014, we have been pushing to find the next innovative trend or strategy in our industry.  I am proud to say that we have grown our digital footprint and brand online quicker than we ever would have hoped in such a short period of time. It certainly is an honor to lead these initiatives and I am looking forward adding new ideas in the future!

List three interesting facts about you

  1. I participate in the sport of Curling that everyone sees on TV every four years in the Olympics.  The people who slide rocks down the ice and yell. The people with the brushes.
  2. I probably know every line and bit of trivia of every episode of Seinfeld ever made.
  3. My wife’s and my favorite place on Earth is Mackinac Island.

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