Spring Cleaning Social Media Style

Its spring and feels like spring (depending on what area of the country you live in). Spring is a time to start anew. Time to clean out your garage, that cluttered basement, your office AND your social media accounts.
Let’s say you’ve been active on Twitter since 2010. In the past year you’ve started following “The Biebs” and try hard to keep up with a Kardashian. You may have noticed your list of “following” grow into the 100s or 1000s. If so, its definitely time for some spring cleaning.

While following celebrities on twitter is fun, the goal of social media should be engagement with a purpose. If you are following too many people who fill up your daily feed, you’re less likely to interact with influencers in your industry. You are also less likely to get your tweets shared by your followers.

Below are some basic tips for cleaning out your social media accounts to get the best results.


Without tools, managing your own Twitter account or the accounts of your clients is nearly impossible. FriendorFollow is an excellent free tool to help you do some Twitter spring cleaning. Once you login with this tool, you will start to see Twitter in a whole new light.

FriendorFollow has some great statistics about who you follow that are very important for engagement. Stats like how many people they follow and how often they tweet are great insights. Are you following too many accounts who don’t follow you back? Are you following “bots” that tweet 50+ times a day? If you are, consider unfollowing unless you feel they provide you with a lot of value. Media site may have a large number of daily tweets, thats ok.


When is the last time you updated your Linkedin profile page? Did you start a new job this year but are still listed under your old position? Does your photo look a little dated? Keeping your Linkedin profile current is important. You never know when an opportunity may find its way through your connections. Take advantage of Linkedin’s document sharing features to showcase personal projects. Did you know you can publish content directly on Linkedin? Apply to become a Linkedin Influencer.


Ever annoyed by how many times some people post on Facebook? Rather than unfriending your high school best buddy, simply unfollow their posts. Hide unwanted updates as well so you’re not notified every time. Using lists also helps manage friends whom you interact with frequently so you can see only those posts that matter the most.


Adding new boards can be a great way to keep your Pinterest fresh. Reorganize or move your more relevant boards to the top. Remember to update boards with new products and take down promotions that have expired. Deleting pins that no longer appeal to you is also a great way to clean up your boards.

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