Top 10 Reasons to Join the Cleveland AMA Now

It’s hard to overstate the benefits of being a member of the Cleveland American Marketing Association to the newly graduated student in their first marketing position, the intermediate marketing specialist looking to gain ground in their trade, or the seasoned professional seeking to improve their strategies.  We really provide a safe haven for learning new skills, expanding your expertise, exploring and networking with your peers.

1.     Mix at 6:   For some casual elbow-rubbing, stop in at our new Mix at 6 events starting in November and get to know your marketing peers in Northeast Ohio a little better.

2.     Digital / Content Marketing Special Interest Group:  You want to really hunker down and learn digital and content marketing this year?  Join us at this free event at Panera’s on Tiedeman once a month. (Check our Events Page to confirm scheduling.)

3.     Expert Speakers:  Learn from leading edge, subject matter experts on advertising, branding, digital marketing and more. 

4.     Lunch and Learn events: Get out of the office and get inspired.  Our lunch and learn events nourish the belly, spirit and the mind in hip and trendy locations or iconic Cleveland venues.

5.     White papers:  Looking for a little research?  Look no further than

6.     Case studies:  No resources for a proof of concept?  Use a case study to help make your case.  Yet another member’s only resource.

7.     Templates:  Your time is valuable so don’t recreate the wheel.  Find a template on in mere seconds.

8.     Strategy focused magazine and journal articles:  Your membership includes a subscription to Marketing News and another publication of your choice.  

9.     Podcasts / Webcasts / Video: Right place, right time, right media selection.  Build your marketing acumen when it’s convenient for you.

10.  FALLAMA for $50 off from now until Nov 20, 2015.

I’d like to help you explore ways in which our chapter can help you make stronger professional connections.  Please feel free to contact me directly at if you would like to discuss AMA Membership. 




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