Member of the Month: Bridgette Klein

Tell us about your company.

Willory is the nation’s only staffing and consulting firm solely dedicated to HR and payroll. The staffing branch of Willory works to fill temporary and direct-hire positions from our deep bench of dedicated and skilled professionals. Meanwhile, our consulting branch focuses on operations, compliance, rewards, and non-profit HR assistance.

What is your position?
I am the marketing coordinator.

What type of marketing does your company focus on?
Our two main focuses for marketing are trade association presence, including related conferences, and digital. Within digital we focus on thought leadership through content marketing.

How long have you represented your company at the AMA?
Since January 2015.

What are three interesting facts about your company?

We achieved a spot on the NorthCoast 99 in five years, one of the youngest companies to do so.

Our name, Willory, is an amalgamation of the owner’s children’s names: Will and Mallory.

We all work virtually, but get together every 4-6 weeks for in-person team trainings.

Any new and/or exciting projects that you would like to comment on?
I was really inspired by Content Marketing and am working on implementing projects inspired by the conference. One thing we have been working on and will be a major focus on for 2016 is multimedia. We are working on increasing our video presence and seriously considering/planning a podcast.

Why did you join the AMA?
I joined the AMA for a multitude of reasons, but mostly for the networking and educational opportunities. Professional advancement is an important part of my career with Willory and our owner really wanted to make sure I was supported by a community, especially since I’m the only person full-time working on our marketing. I researched the local marketing-related organizations in the area and Cleveland AMA was the most engaged and active. I went to the networking event at the beginning of the year to test it out and it seemed like a great fit.

How do you engage with the AMA (Volunteer, events, etc)?
I attend events, especially the SIGs. I had a baby in April and had hoped to be more involved through volunteering but it hasn’t worked out as much as I had hoped. I think as she gets older and I adjust to being a working mom it will get easier.

What is rewarding about your experience as an AMA member?
I really find the SIGs to be rewarding in terms of information and meeting people. I love the intimate nature of the events and the opportunity to discuss great ideas.

What are three interesting facts about you?

  • I was a contestant at CM World’s version of Hollywood Squares and won! It was nerve-wracking trying to guess if content marketing all-stars were telling the truth or not. Luckily they were pretty silly and I’m excellent at tic-tac-toe strategy.
  • I’m obsessed with how and why people build relationships and do the things they do. It’s why I got into this field. I love learning about what makes people take action.
  • The Cavaliers have never lost a game that I have been to, so if you want them to win and have an extra ticket I’m probably available.


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