Member of the Month: Amanda Zenczak

Name: Amanda Zenczak
Title / Role: Sr. Marketing Project Coordinator
Company: Cargill Deicing Technology

Why did you join the AMA?

I joined the AMA to learn more about how other companies/industries approach marketing and find out how we may apply those techniques here at Cargill. In the process, I have had the opportunity to offer further assistance by being the graphic designer for the monthly newsletters. So far it has been a great networking opportunity that consistently offers ways to learn and grow in marketing.

How do you engage with the AMA to get the most from your membership? Or favorite aspect of being a member of the AMA?

I try to attend the in-person meetings when I can, but I have also attended some of the webinars too since they tend to fit into my schedule better sometimes. They have really taught me a lot about how the marketing industry is changing and how to jump on board and become an early adapter.

Are there any special work projects or initiatives you are working on or recently completed that you’d like to share with the AMA membership?

One of the most exciting projects I have worked on at Cargill is a video series we call “Ask Dr. Scott” that shares educational information about deicers to our customers and sales prospects. I lead this effort in terms of the project design, goals and steps to accomplish. So far, it has been a wonderful resource for professionals in the industry and has helped to reinforce our goal of acting as a resource for our customers and not just another supplier of bulk salt.

List three interesting facts about you:

I am one of five girls.
I am a songwriter in addition to writing copy for my current position.
I love volunteer work with kids and am actively involved in Make-A-Wish and the Ronald McDonald House Ambassador Council.

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