Volunteer Spotlight: Crystal N. Williams

Crystal N. Williams is the director of Collegiate Relations on the Membership Committee. Her position focuses on connecting with collegiate chapters, creating opportunities for meet and greets, and bridging the various collegiate chapters together under the umbrella of the Cleveland chapter of the AMA.

Who are you?  Please tell us a little about yourself. Education, company and job information what you   are currently working on that you are excited about?
I earned a B.A. in Communication from Cleveland State University and an MBA in Marketing from American Intercontinental University. I have an AS in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh

I am the owner of Same Page Graphics & Marketing Solutions, LLC. We offer graphic & web design as well as marketing, planning, and consultation.

I am the marketing Coordinator for Triangle Fastener Corporation. I am responsible for graphic & web design, public relations, media relations, advertising, sales and marketing

I am currently working on a new website design for a new business startup. It is always exciting when you can provide a client a complete package, which includes logo, graphic & web design, as well as market planning consultation.

Why did you join the AMA?
I joined for the opportunity to network with like­minded individuals

What do you love about volunteering?
I’ve always volunteered with an organization, in some way, since I was about 14 years. It brings me joy to help others succeed and to be able to provide my assistance and/or expertise.

What are your hobbies?
Music, dancing, health & fitness

What are three interesting facts about you?

1.  I started learning salsa about a year ago. Now I am actually teaching it every week. My background includes ballet, tap, and jazz, which I studied for more than 10 years.

2. I love anything music and singing. I was very involved in choirs in earlier years, as well as play the piano for more than 6 years. I also played the flute for a couple years.

3. I am serious about health & fitness and began bodybuilding and competing about 5 years ago.

If you could be one character in Mad Men (or any other television show) who would it be? Sorry, I don’t watch Mad Men…I don’t watch TV very often.

What are your career and/or personal ambitions?
My career ambitions are to continue in the field of graphic design. I love the art and creativity that isinvolved and evolves from it.

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