Lead Validation Improves Internet Marketing ROI Dramatically

Lead validation may be the best-kept secret in all of Internet marketing. It’s the process of reviewing all website form submissions and recordings of phone inquiries, to separate sales leads from non-lead conversions.

Add this step to your campaign process, and you will begin to see dramatic improvement in online lead generation.

The presentation below, The Critical Importance of Lead Validation in Internet Marketing, goes into some detail on why lead validation has such an enormous impact on campaign performance. A few highlights:

  • About half of all website conversions are something other than sales leads — a much bigger percentage than many companies realize.
  • Lead validation enables campaign managers to adjust campaign elements far more accurately and effectively.
  • Lead validation enables companies to evaluate the ROI of their campaigns with pinpoint accuracy.

Read the presentation here:

 Aaron Wittersheim is Chief Operating Officer at Straight North, an Internet marketing firm that specializes in SEO and PPC.

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