8 Ways Marketers Can Better Manage Millennials

Bob Armour, the CMO of Jellyvision, is the third oldest person working at his company. “As you can see, I’m not a millennial,” he told the audience at the AMA’s 2018 Marketing Week Live conference.

Even though he isn’t a millennial, Armour manages mostly millennials at Jellyvion, a Chicago company that has been lauded for its youth-friendly work environment.

“The kids at the office, the millennials, … they’re not the kids anymore,” he says. “They are the office. This isn’t a unique segment of employees: these employees represent 53 million workers in the workforce right now.”

How does Armour manage millennials? He gave the crowd eight bits of advice.

1) Make new employees feel welcome from the start

This is the smart thing to do when hiring any employee, he says. Jellyvision sends new employees a personalized note from HR that tells new employees that they’ve shown smarts, heart and strategy in getting through the interview process. They also send new employees a t-shirt and water bottle, telling the new employee that they’re excited for them to start work. They’ll also give other Jellyvision employees the new employee’s email address so they can send them nice nots.


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