How to Consistently Increase Conversion

Daniel Burstein

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care makes billions of contact lenses every year, and when a customer buys a box of contacts, they’re all the same. All the same color, same shape. No contact is even slightly out of proportion. If they were, customers wouldn’t be able to see, and that would be a lousy customer experience.

Of course contact lenses are consistent, but can the same be said of marketing?

According to its literature, Johnson & Johnson uses a “multi-patented process that took years to perfect.” Business executives in countless industries have repeatable methodologies and processes, such as Six Sigma and total quality management, that ensure consistent, high-quality customer experiences with a physical product—from massive Boeing 747s to diminutive Toyota Corollas.

But marketing tends to be the outlier, less focused on a consistent methodology and more reliant on the “golden gut.” Some marketers just “get it.” Others are a little farther off. They rarely have a common language to describe their intuition, the hunger pangs of creativity.

So should we be surprised that, according to Korn Ferry, CMOs have the shortest tenure in the C-suite?

Give Your Team a Common Lens Through Which to See the Customer

To truly improve customer experience and your brand’s marketing results, you need a common language and methodology to empower everyone on your team to advocate for the customer.


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