6 Activities to Encourage Creativity

Contrary to popular belief, being creative isn’t all that hard. You just have to train your mind to think of new and fresh ideas that are outside of the ordinary. Below are a few tips on how you can increase your creativity.

1. Read, read, read

The surest way that you can expand your creative side is to feed it through reading. Whether it’s novels, comic books, newspapers, or magazines all these help to train your brain to think outside of convention and come up with new and fresh ideas.

Reading works by expanding your imagination through vivid descriptions or storytelling. Reading is especially recommended for children as they have very active minds but adults too are encouraged to read for better mental health.

2. Travel

Sometimes, we feel like we’re in a rut and that our mind is blocked. It’s hard for us to come up with fresh new ideas when we’re in this state. One thing you can do is remove yourself from the environment you are currently in and experience new things and new places. Traveling is a great way to get away from your comfort zone and push yourself creatively further.

3. Listen to music

There is no doubt that music fosters creativity in many people. Writers often listen to classical music while they write their books. Architects listen to music while they’re working on a project. Even photographers working at photo booth hire Essex sometimes play music to pass the time and to set the right mood for their photo booth.

Music is a great way to activate the mind and keep the juices flowing. It’s easier to come up with new ideas while we’re listening to music than none at all.

4. Laugh more often

Yes, it’s true, laughing is a great way to enhance creativity. When you listen to a joke, whether it’s through TV, online, or your local newspaper, different parts of your brain are activated simultaneously in order for you to get the joke.

Not only is it training your mind to be active, but you’re also having fun and getting a laugh out of it. In many schools, children are encouraged to write and tell jokes to foster creativity.

5. Write

Another way to encourage creativity is through writing. As you write, your brain has to figure out what you’re going to write next, the proper words you’ll have to use, and how each sentence is structured.

In the beginning, transferring your thoughts into words might seem a little frustrating but through practice, you’ll soon be better at it. As a tip, begin with journaling so you won’t have to make up things to write and just recount what happened during the day.

6. Painting

One sure way to foster creativity is by creating art. What’s amazing about painting is there are no rules. You are allowed to paint whatever that hits your fancy and do so in any manner. You could create a hyper-realistic painting or go the opposite way and paint abstract pictures. The freedom allows your mind to wander and think outside the box.

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