Social Media Multiplication

Social media marketing should be about leveraging your company’s total audience reach. So, how do you do that? Achieving maximum audience reach involves using your employees’, business associates’, and customers’ social media accounts. Your company is way more than its own Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

Having all available outlets on deck for your social media marketing results in the biggest possible gains. It’s not hard to leverage this power:

  1. First, ask all of the people in your marketing department to dedicate some of their personal social media accounts to the campaign. Once they agree, sit them down and have them pick something to share. This could be a link to an article written about your company, or even a direct link to your own webpage. They should also decide on a hashtag phrase to include within their posts.
  2. Next, have them post the agreed upon link and hashtag to their social media accounts around the same time. Simultaneously, request they have five of their friends engage with the post. This can mean reposting it, posting the link on their own, or even commenting on it. This is going to get some buzz going about your hashtag.

Keep in mind that you have to help your employees do this. Incentivize them to be involved in this process. You could offer them gift cards, free lunches, or even an extra day off to whoever gets the most people involved on the campaign. This can help employees reluctant to represent the company online get involved.

Also make sure you pick the right link to share. Share something people can comment on that is non-threatening but still allows your company to be talked about. Articles about practices in your industry are always a good place to look. These can spark lively discussion and are generally non-toxic to your company’s image because they are so general.

This campaign seems like a fairly simple exercise, but its power is in multiplying audiences. Let’s say that you have ten employees post your agreed-upon link. Conservatively, you can guess they have at least five people that will see the post on their feeds. That’s fifty people who have now viewed the link.

Now, let’s say that of the ten employees who posted each of them gets one person to repost what they put up. We now have an audience of fifty more if each repost is seen by five people. Now, we’re up to one-hundred views. If three people out of the hundred that see the post interact with it, that pushes the total views to 115.

This plan only deals with utilizing your employees and not even asking other business associates for their social media help; you can see that it is an easy way to get your name out to the internet. All social media campaigns need to focus on multiplying their audience because it’s ineffective to get your message out using one account.

Crafting your campaigns this way also creates a culture of engagement surrounding your company. Employees will be more than happy to help out with posts the more the business becomes known as social media friendly. Having active employees results in free, positive publicity; their audiences will also start to associate them with your business, which is going to humanize your company. There is just no downside to expanding your social media exposure using your business’s full range of outlets.

Endrit Kosta is a content marketing specialist at UBM Advanstar and an entrepreneur and marketing consultant. He owns Market Me Management, and received his MBA from Baldwin Wallace University in 2013.

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