AMA NEO’s Volunteer Spotlight – May 2017

Volunteer of the Month: Courtney Mcintyre

Courtney Mcintyre is the VP of Membership for the NEO AMA. She works as the Director of Marketing at SecureState, a local management consulting firm that specializes in information security. Prior to that Courtney attended Baldwin-Wallace University where she studied Psychology. She is a huge fan of craft beer and has started to launch a business helping local breweries with their marketing efforts. When she’s not doing marketing-related things Courtney enjoys attending concerts, exploring new places, and spending time with her husband and pets.

What is your Volunteer Position?
VP of Membership

What types of activities are you in charge of?
Membership recruitment and retention, new member on-boarding.

Why did you join the AMA?
To meet fellow marketers in the Cleveland area and hopefully learn a thing or two.

What do you love about volunteering?
I love building friendships with my fellow AMA volunteers and members.

What are your hobbies?
Spending time with my animals, working out, attending concerts and traveling to new places/finding new craft breweries with my husband.

What are three interesting facts about you?

  1. I have a hidden second degree in philosophy
  2. I have a horse
  3. I have never eaten a fast food hamburger or cheeseburger

What are your career and/or personal ambitions?
I am currently working on a lifelong goal of being an entrepreneur by opening a marketing firm that specializes in craft and microbreweries.

What is your dream position or company that you would like to work for?
I would absolutely love to be a marketing executive for a record label.

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